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medical leech

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In the history of medical discoveries, many organisms are known as invaluable helpers. Many of them have monuments, such as dogs and frogs. Medicine did not ignore the modest toiler leech.

One of the common treatment methods is hirudotherapy in Tallinn.

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The history of antiquity, the Middle Ages, the era of the Renaissance can be traced through willy hue gastronomy fitness by alfonso rodriguez the prism of the invaluable benefits that people have leech medical. Connoisseurs of ancient Greek history and mythology are well aware that on the gates of Olympus, which closed the mythical residence of the supreme Greek gods, were painted not beautiful virgins, but two modest leeches.

medical leech

The first doctor who practiced treatment with their help was Galen, a Greek doctor and physician at court, the author of more than 120 scientific studies in the field of physiology, anatomy, pathology and pharmacology. He also offered to transport health crossfit them to other countries.

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The Melior Medical Clinic has all the conditions for treatment with leeches in Tallinn.

medical leech

In total, there are approximately 400 different types of leeches in the world, 80 of them can be found everywhere. They belong to the class of annelids. The Latin name of the species is hirudin.

Mostly they are predators or bloodsuckers, capable of almost painlessly, thanks to special substances of anesthetic action, biting through the best pojdme se seznmit se zkladnmi principy kulturistu skin of a living organism and drinking plenty of blood. The length of their body is in the range of 5-10 cm. A medical leech refers to a small genus of annelids.

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In the European part, mainly horse and medical varieties are found. The medical leech is very tender and vulnerable. They are divided into two subspecies: medical, living in a natural environment, and also grown in special osteopatia farms and a medical pharmacy, specially bred by humans.

The difference between the subspecies is so negligible, and the healing properties are the same. Under current conditions, medical leeches are bred under the close supervision of biologists on special pharmacological farms.

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Now hirudotherapy (from the Latin Hirudina – leech) is somewhat forgotten, compared with the Renaissance. Now treatment with a medical leech is only gaining momentum of former popularity. Hirudotherapy methods are aimed both for the treatment of individual organs, and for restoring the immunity of the whole organism.

medical leech

Knowledge of the foundations of oriental medicine arnold classic europe barcelona 2017 crossfit, special areas of the skin that have a more pronounced connection with the internal organs, allowed the private institution “Melior Clinics” to develop their own schemes for setting “bloodsuckers” at biologically active points for various diseases. Correctly found points provide a full treatment.


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